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Bid Services

Experts, resources, technology and locations… dedicated to the success of your bid

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone work with you through the day and night, if necessary to help you meet those immovable bid deadlines?

At Service Point, collaborating with your organization to bring together all of the diverse elements that make up a successful bid is second nature: juggling the production through editions and revisions, printing proofs for intense scrutiny, ordering, re-ordering and placing every page in just the right place and being there from the very initial meetings to ensure everything is exactly as it should be tight to your deadline is why we exist.


We’ve been producing winning bids for the world’s best organisations, projects and imaginations for over 90 years…

A winning bid takes many hours, days, weeks and sometimes years of collaboration, business ingenuity, creativity and dedication to complete. We know what it takes and that is why we place nearly a century of gained fully at your disposal. The level of support, choice and quality in our reproduction of your needs, is only matched by the uniqueness you have incorporated in your bid.


We understand the level of trust placed in our ability to reproduce your work. That’s why we have a dedicated bid team skilled in every aspect of bid production. Dedicated to you, your deadline and your success.


At every stage, through to the final bid itself, we will make sure you have everything you need to produce the best bid possible. Our expertise in the handling of documents, production of print and the management of information, gives you total control of every aspect of your ultimate objective of winning business. The relationships we forge with your organisation are based on our ambition to make every bid the best it can be.

Service Point Bid Management gives you an edge…


  • Document Controller assigned to bid
  • Document register reviewed
  • Ideas to improve bid discussed
  • Print and Presentation options presented
  • Templates supplied for presentation options
  • Timelines agreed for each stage
  • Budgets and production program agreed

During the Bid

  • Access to 40 local & 140 globally centres
  • Access to 8 regional secure bid suites
  • Access to quality/colour management
  • Dedicated Bid production team assigned
  • 24hr facilities available to customer
  • Online Bid tracking system available
  • Logistics team available for Bid delivery
  • Bid suite

Post Bid

  • Print register available for audit
  • Response team for additional requests
  • Display services in support of presentation
  • Complete back-up of project available