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Binding Services

Service Point provides the binding service you see fit for your documents.

The way you bind your documents will become part of the first impression the receiver gets, be sure to get it right.

Here’s a list of some of our bindery methods, if you can’t find the one you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Spiral / Wir-O – Wire-O is a series of parallel wire loops attached along a wire, while spiral binding is a metal or plastic continuous loop passing through the punched holes in a spiral from the top to the bottom of the documents.

Comb / GBC – The documents are punched with a series of holes along the binding edge through which a plastic comb is inserted.

Ring Binders – Documents punched with 2 or 4 holes, placed into a binder with optional personalized front page and tab separation between pages.

Tape / Velo – The documents are taped together over the binding edge or a thin, flat piece of plastic runs the length of the bind edge on the front and back of the documents, and thin plastic pegs attach the two through the pages.

Saddle Stitch – The documents are stitched through the fold with staples made of thin wire and only works for documents up to 80 pages. There will be no spine on which to print a title.

Staples – Stapling documents is a strong and cost-efficient solution for large quantities that don’t need full-spine binding.

Perfect Bound – Adhesive based binding where single leafs are jogged to form a straight block, and the spine edge is glued. Usually it involves attaching a book cover to the resulting text-block.

Bindery methods vary according to cost, durability, and appearance.